Presentation of the human body that expresses philosophical concepts.

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Presentation of the human body that expresses philosophical concepts.

Works that illustrate the transformation of humans into this philosophy Artists tend to have the idea of ​​giving the body a space that presents some answers that are important to living. Especially the body rejection to present the so-called “self” (the mystery) and find the meaning of life. While the theory of psychoanalysis itself Mentioned in this matter that even the individual’s consciousness is governed by certain rules of the unconscious mind. Which we ourselves cannot even know but at least it shows what the true “identity” of the individual is and where? It is therefore something that must be studied in the next chapter of analysisbut in philosophy, “identity” often refers to some abstract features that lie in the body and the loss of identity is a story that is reproduced always.

Chatmongkol Insawang is another artist who presents the appearance of the body in a philosophical standpoint. The work presented here is called “Nature of Existence No.2“. Artists present the concept of the cycle of nature and life. By the parable of the rise and loss of the human body. Small pieces of metal assembled together into a human shape and this human body gradually ascending to a height and became like a falling liquid Transformed into a resting human from the above process. It can be seen that there is one step in which the human image has changed into an abstract state.

The artist harmonizes “existence” and “disappear” together. It is the application of the human body which is the raw material of nature to explain abstract philosophical ideas. Especially the story that everyone already knows that everything when it is born must have extinguished and the nature of matter changes is something that everyone in society is well aware of, such as ice can melt into liquids, from a liquid that can change into a vapor state and able to condense back into liquid. The symbolism is based on simple logic. These show the worldview of the artistwhich presents the story of life through the human body seamlessly.

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