Art Talk : All About Size with Chatmongkol Insawang

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Art Talk : All About Size

Chatmongkol Insawang better known as the 49th National Silver Award Artist, put on display his latest creation, The Nature of Mankind 2009, a gigantic stainless steel and cement art item at the Bangkok Sculpture Centre, In His talk with ‘Outlook’ he shares his work concept and how he can transform it into an amazing art piece.

Why did you make it so super huge?

Its 6.45 meter height is the key to the work concept of The Nature of Mankind 2009. As I Worked on this sculpture to represent human beings’ endless desire, viewers can really feel and catch the message by seeing the acts of real-size men climbing and grabbing to reach the very highest point.

Are there any further influences on the making of this sculpture?

Actually this large art piece is the absolute conclusion of all my works from 2002 to 2009 fortunately, all the material was provided at the right time, so this piece is what I truly want it to be.

Why are you interested in working with metal?

I was brought up in my family’s garage business, so I’m quite familiar with metalwork. That was when I learn how to weld metals into various forms by using electricity

Does this stunning sculpture need any special care?

The metal sculpture needs to be lightly coated with oil or lacquer in order to prevent it from rust. However, the indoor display at the Bangkok Sculpture Centre will significantly help protect it from deterioration.

Does the collaboration with the Bangkok Sculpture Centre meet your expectations?

The art centre perfectly serves what an artist needs. It provides a proper shelter for my work and also organises the sculpture exhibition to promote it to the public. That’s great.

What feedback do you get on this metal piece?

Its size does matter. Viewers are excited and can’t help taking photos with it.

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